Sasha & Maria: The Love – Maria Just Wants to Have Fun

It’s a Thursday night. Maria stays up every night after Sasha goes to bed and watches her favorite show her medical drama.


“This episode stinks”, said Maria reaches for her remote and angrily turns off the TV.


“This show just isn’t that good anymore”, Maria ponders to herself. “There’s nothing good on TV and all the radio stations stink”, Maria ponders to herself again as she realizes how boring her life is.


“I got an idea”, Maria said to herself.


“WAKE UP BEADHEAD!!!”, screamed Maria.


“Well that was a rude awakening”, said Sasha.


“But I’m bored”, said Maria. “Bored or not, that was rude. Could you wake me up a little bit nicer next time please”, said Sasha. “But I’m bored”, said Maria.

“So explain to me, what is it with all this bored stuff?”, asked Sasha.
“Well I want to do things with you”, said Maria. “What things?”, asked Sasha. “What do you say we go out to eat together”, said Maria. “Eat? I just woke up, you know I can’t eat anything when I first wake up”, said Sasha.
“Okay, why don’t we stargaze together”, said Maria. “Don’t be silly, you really don’t think I’m going to go outside just to stare at a bunch of stars do you?”, said Sasha.
“Why don’t you go watch that show of yours you always watch this time of night. Maybe you won’t be so bored”, said Sasha. “This episode stinked and that show just isn’t so great anymore”, said Maria.
“What? You’re joking right? You used to tell me every morning how wonderful and awesome that show was and I had to listen to you every morning tell me every little thing that happened in the show”, said Sasha.
Sasha went to go eat a microwave pastry, as Maria walks by and says “oh so you can eat out here, but you can’t eat with me”.


“Well congratulations on ruining my meal”, said Sasha. “Sasha all I did was say something to you, and I thought you said you didn’t eat when you wake up”, said Maria. “Not when I first wake up I said. I spent an hour talking to you.”, said Sasha.


“So you don’t want to do anything with me”, said Maria. “That’s not what I said either. But here I was eating a pastry and there you go with your comments. Besides why would I really want to do anything when I just woke up from your screaming WAKE UP BEADHEAD, that about gave me 10 migraines”, said Sasha. “You don’t want to do anything with me, I get it”, said Maria.


“Don’t want to do anything? Yeah I get it. She doesn’t want to do anything with me”, Maria said to herself as she goes and cries because Sasha won’t do anything with her.


Some 12 painful hours later, Sasha walks into the room. “Go away you don’t want to do anything with me”, said Maria. “Well if you just listen for 5 seconds, I can tell you”, said Sasha.


“Your show just came on, what do you say I go watch it with you”, said Sasha. “Look Sasha, I told you last nights episode stinked”, said Maria. “Well you don’t know until you watch tonight’s episode, you might like it”, said Sasha. “Since when do you like medical dramas?”, said Maria. “You said you wanted to do something with me right? Okay, let’s watch a show together”, said Sasha. “Look Sasha I told you that show just isn’t so good anymore. Besides I don’t really care for TV anymore anyways. All the shows stink”, said Maria. “Is that so?”, said Sasha.


“All this not wanting to do anything with me and now you insist on doing something with me”, said Maria. “Well how do you think I feel. All this wanting to do something with me and now you don’t want to do anything with me”, said Sasha.


“Maybe we should go for a walk. Perhaps some fresh air will cool us down”, said Sasha. “Sounds like a great idea, we could both sure use some cooling down. We should just cal it a night, all this bickering back and forth is really getting us both, since we’re never going to find anything to do anyway”, said Maria.


Sasha and Maria went on their walk and well Sasha decided to go jogging and Maria was like “don’t lose me”.


On their walk, they spot an abandoned looking building. “Hey Sasha come look”, said Maria.


“Think we should go check it out?”, said Maria. “I’m with you. Let’s see what’s inside”, said Sasha.


“But wait, what if it just looks abandoned and there’s somebody inside?”, said Sasha. “Don’t be silly. Let’s just go check it out”, said Maria.


So Maria and Sasha take a step inside and just start gazing around at everything.


“Looks to be an abandoned bar, why don’t we make ourselves some drinks”, said Maria. “You betcha”, said Sasha.


Maria goes to tend the bar and Sasha orders her alltime favorite drink, the cream cola. “Yes Sasha I’ll make it just how you like it”, said Maria.
Sasha went to go take a sip. “This is what you call cream cola? That’s just too creamy”, said Sasha. “Well you said you wanted cream cola”, said Maria. “I don’t even taste the cola. Make me another one and this time make it right”, said Sasha.
Sasha goes to try out her second cream cola, “Now I can’t even taste the cream”, said Sasha.
“Let me show you how to make cream cola, this is how you do it”, said Sasha.
“Yum yum, just how I like it”, said Sasha.
“Since you’re so good at making drinks, why don’t you go make me a drink”, said Maria. “I seriously do want you to try out my cream cola”, said Sasha.
“One cream cola coming right up”, said Sasha.
Maria went to take a sip of Sasha’s cola, but just as she was taking a sip…
…a mysterious guy came out. “Hey ladies”, said the guy.
“Oh no we’re in trouble”, said Sasha.
Stay tuned for more to come. Wondering who the mysterious guy is? Find out on the next chapter of Sasha & Maria: The Love…

Sasha & Maria: The Love – Beautiful or Not


Sasha has finally figured out a way to show Maria beautiful, or has she.


“Maria I know you’ve been hungry, why don’t you eat a nice bowl of garden salad”, said Sasha.


“Sasha you know I’m not a salad person, that stuff is nasty”, said Maria. “What, all these years you always told me, your favorite food was salad”, laughed Sasha.


“I’m sick and tired of looking at it, I’m sick and tired of smelling it, I’m sick of tired of hearing about it”, as Maria throws it in the trash.

Sasha caught Maria throwing away the garden salad and well this is what Sasha had to say. “All those man hours I put into making that garden hours”, said Sasha. “You mean woman hours, and you know I don’t like garden salad”, said Maria.


Maria told Sasha she hates garden salad and well she’s decided to rub it in Sasha’s face by making herself a microwave dinner.


“So you can’t eat my delicious garden salad, but you’ll sit there and eat a nasty microwave dinner”, said Sasha. “I’m trying to enjoy my dinner and you’re yelling at me”, said Maria. “Yeah I see how you are”, said Sasha.


“You know what, I think I know exactly how I’m going to show her beautiful now, I’m going to show her if its the last thing I ever do”, said Sasha.


So Sasha just finally came back but came back with something. “I got something for you Maria, want to see?”, said Sasha.

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Sasha decided to have Maria try on some “good looking outfits”. These are the outfits Sasha had Maria try on and well you’ll see Maria’s reaction right afterward.


“Do you honesty consider these good looking outfits. This makes me look like a womanizer, the business costume makes me look like a business lady and the dress makes me look like a grandma”, said Maria.


Sasha told Maria, “no matter what I do for you nothing is beautiful”. Maria finally sits down and explains that to Sasha. “You know why I’ve been treating you this way? Well this is exactly what you been doing to me our whole entire relationship and I thought let’s see how Sasha likes it”, said Maria.


“Why couldn’t we have had this conversation in the beginning instead of treating me like dog”, said Sasha.


“You been making me feel like I’m not good enough since 2002 so how could I talk to you about it when you been this way for 14 years? I wanted to show you what it feels like. I can’t tell you what it feels like. If I was never good enough for you, why couldn’t you have just broken up with me 14 years ago?”, said Maria.


“Ask yourself the same question, if we wasn’t good enough for eachother, would we have put up with eachother for 14 year?”, said Sasha.


“But its not that you’re not good enough for me Sasha. But you always made me feel like I’m not good enough. I just wanted to make you feel like you wasn’t good enough because you always did it to me”, said Maria.


“Well I’m sorry if anything I said or done has made you feel like you’re not good enough. But I’m a material girl, I get it, you’re not. Do I complain from time to time? Of course I do but that’s just how I am. Our relationship is like yin and yang, we’re complete opposites, but everything actually falls together into one piece. If you really wasn’t good enough, would I have stayed with you for 14 years? I could never ask for a better wife and I just wanted to let you know, yes I do love you”, said Sasha.


“But that’s the thing, you’ve never ever told me I was good or anything, so what am I supposed to think when all you do is complain about everything all the time?”, said Maria.


“Well I admit I do have a hard time showing someone how much I appreciate them, but that’s just how I am, I complain a lot. So just know whenever I do moan and whine, I really do love you and I really do appreciate you and you are good enough, I just have a big eye for detail and you don’t and that’s where we both take eachother the wrong way at times, so what do you say we start fresh with our relationship and forget this day ever happened.”, said Sasha.


As a toast to say they’re at peace, Maria goes up to Sasha and gives her a huge kiss. “I love you too and always will”, said Maria. “You may not always feel you are good enough, but just know you always are”, said Sasha. “Till death do us part and let nothing get between us”, said Maria.

As Sasha & Maria have made it through the biggest storm in their entire relationship, more storms will await and but no matter how big the storm nothing can break them apart. Stay tuned, as the next chapter awaits…

Sasha & Maria: The Love – A Thing Called Love

I was too lazy to build a house for them, so I went into my library, and am using a house from a year ago that I used to use for an old family I used play. But anyhow, I thought I’d top my lesbian couple off with an apartment like structure. Sasha and Maria are back and this time, in their own story, not part of Angie’s. So here it is, Sasha and Maria’s house.


So Maria and Sasha have just moved into their lovely new home and very first thing, Sasha is already moaning and whining. “This kitchen is too small”, said Sasha. “Dude, just be happy we have a kitchen okay? How would you like no kitchen?”, said Maria.


Sasha is still at it. “This is such an ugly bathroom. Why couldn’t they have given us a beautiful bathroom?”, said Sasha.


Now this time, Sasha is going on about no decorations. “Where are all the decorations??”, said Sasha. “What do you mean decorations??”, said Maria.


All that moaning and whining by Sasha and now Sasha gets to see a totally different side of Maria. “I may be the nicest wifey in the world, but I’m sick and tired of you always looking for something, just like you always are, 13 years of our relationship, we just got happily married, and finally got a place of our own, and here you are still at it, 13 years later, and I’m getting real tired of listening to it”, said Maria. Sasha is left speechless.


Sasha got left speechless, after 13 years old buildup, Maria finally decided to call her out on her moaning and whining. So Sasha is now trying to butter Maria up. “So what do you say to a Woohoo”, said Sasha.


“I’ll show her buttering up”, said Sasha.


Sasha decided to go into the bedroom, out of boredom, and tried out and bunch of different outfits and was like “this is how I’ll be able to butter Maria up”, said Sasha.


Sasha thought she figured out how to butter Maria up, so she walked back up toward Maria. “Don’t I look so beautiful??”, asked Sasha. “No you don’t”, said Maria.


All that trying to butter her up, and Maria fires back at Sasha again. “I know what you’re trying to do Sasha. Since when have I been able to get you to have a fiery hot romance with me before I yelled at you, should I give you a hug, a kiss, 100 bucks, a hot bowl of chili, a pat on the back, after all that whining and moaning”, yelled Maria.


After all that, Sasha is now feeling insulted. “So my wife thinks I’m ugly now huh.”, said Sasha.


“I demand you to take off that ridiculous outfit and put your old one back on. I’m sick and tired of looking at it”, demanded Maria.


“So my wifey now thinks I’m ugly eh, you know what then, I’m going to show her beautiful”, plotted Sasha.


And then Sasha cries herself to sleep, hiding from everyone. “Nothing I say or do is beautiful anymore, I get it”, cried Sasha.

That’s it for Sasha & Maria: The Love for now, more to come sometime later, so to be continued…